The NFT & web3 Projects You should not ignore III

“Each day I keep discovering amazing NFT & Web3 projects with great purpose and utility. Today I will be writing my top 3 picks NFT & Web3 projects you should never ignore”

On top the list is Angel Force of Africa, it’s NFT project formed from an artist’s passion for using his talent to generate funds that support Anti-poaching organizations and other charity initiatives globally. Angel force of Africa is a web3-based NFT project consisting of 8,000 digitally generated NFTs that will be deployed and sold using the Polygon network via Opensea. All base characters and traits are hand-drawn-sketched by the founder using Procreate. No two of the 8000 are the same.

Protecting wildlife is a new found passion of the founder, who plans to travel the world with his art and charity initiatives and hopefully make a difference.

  • Conservation Training
  • Anti-Poaching Training
  • War Games — Skirmish
  • Virtual Bird Watching
  • Gun Range & Weapons Training
  • Crypto Giveaways & Lotteries
  • Real-World Missions

They are creating the first virtual conservation park in the metaverse. An African wildlife themed VR conservation park, comprising 5 big animals and more focused on protecting animals, as well as advocating for already established anti-poaching organizations. This is one of the cool projects you will see out there and I’m glad to be part of their team as a community manager.


An amazing 3D hyper-realistic and Virtual Reality integrated “real life” African wildlife experience, where holders of an AFoA NFTs, will be granted exclusive and unlimited access to the adventure of a lifetime in the metaverse.

Angel force of Africa intends to give their holders free access to their virtual conservation park where they can roam a wild land and interact with the big 5 animals, participate in virtual bird and other animal watching much more. Access to the conservation park will come free to anyone who owns an AFOA NFT. Holders can receive Conservation Ranger Training, and participate in real world Conservation Events and activities.

AFoA is also developing a conservation course, where their veteran and highly experienced trainers will take you on an adventure-filled learning experience through our hyper-realistic conservation park. Training will include, but is not limited to:

  • Conservation Training Courses
  • Anti-Poaching Training Become a Ranger
  • Anti-poaching Skirmish Play to Earn by protecting animals or capturing the animal
  • Virtual Bird Watching techniques and Bird Studies
  • Gun Range & Weapons Training at the AFOA conservation park

AFoA will run 2-sided skirmish wars that will be led and managed by real world war veterans and anti-poaching specialists. The Skirmish will be two sides seeking a targeted animal and protecting it for a certain period. Finally, winners will eventuate to a championship. Championship winners will take home upward of 2,000 each.

Holders (Soldiers) will be able to take weapons training with our real-world veterans in the virtual gun range and also purchase a huge range of weapons, ammo, vehicles and aircraft in their conservation armory. All items can be purchased with the AFoA native token. This project offers a lot of opportunities to their holders and I hope you are one of them.

AFoA is building a state-of-the-art virtual Museum in the Isles of Meta, filled with amazing wildlife and archaeological wonders. An innovative approach to sharing animal history by utilizing technology, specifically the metaverse, to bring history to the homes of those worldwide.

We will invite AFoA NFT holders to showcase and sell their virtual sculptures and or other virtual specimens for free. We will also invite non-AFoA NFT holders to showcase their art. Please note, at the evaluation of the founder and management team, holders and non-holders who satisfy the Museum standards, will be considered.

AFoA is also building a state-of-the-art virtual Art Gallery. A comprehensive virtual art gallery built in the metaverse of the Isles of Meta. AFoA gallery will be managed by an art gallery specialist with 20 years of experience in art curation and gallery management. We will invite AFoA NFT holders to showcase and sell digital art free of charge. AFoA will also invite non-AFoA NFT holders to showcase their art, at the evaluation of the founder and management team. Please note, at the evaluation of the founder and management team, holders and non-holders, who satisfy the Museum standards will be considered.

In the gallery, we will have an area where visitors and holders can purchase merchandise that will be delivered directly to their doorstep. The merch range will include hats, T-shirts and Hoodies. However, we are also considering small squishies and animal sculptures.

I will advise you to take advantage of these opportunities right now and they started their first giveaway of 1,000 Angel Force of Africa NFTs. To be part of this project and claim the AFoA NFT follow Angel force of Africa on twitter and join their discord community.


Follow Twitter account: @AFOANFTs

Join discord server:


Isles of meta is an Unreal Engine5 built metaverse where you can build an island and build it for free. Isles of meta is aiming to be a metaverse for the creators, players and for everyone. A place where you can go to learn, socialize, play games, or just relax by the ocean as the waves crash on shore.


A metaverse built on Unreal Engine 5 from day 1, and is attempting to push the limits of what people are able to do in the virtual world. Whether you want to own your own island that you are able to fully build up yourself with provided tools, materials, and assets at no charge, bring in your own assets and NFT to build your land up, have a single residential home to display your NFT collection, or simply wander around to the various communities and see what is going on in the Web3 space… the possibilities are almost limitless!


Isles of meta is one of the best metaverse island projects I’ve seen so far built with unreal Engine5 which means sea in isles of meta looks exactly like a real sea, objects appear very real in isles of meta and they offer free tools to build & construct your island to your taste.


Isles of meta welcome people to push the boundaries (provided it is legal in the United States and local agencies if required) and ask that the community monitor if certain areas need to be assessed for content to ensure appropriate age groups do not wander into certain areas.

There will be a total of 25,000 residential islands with their own gateway house, and 25,000+ residential homes (no island attached) that can be minted on the SOLANA blockchain. We will be offering billboard space for projects/individuals/companies/communities to rent out to bring awareness to what you are creating and/or offering in Isles of Meta. Commercial space with their own island will be available as well in the near future. Tell me which metaverse offers billboard space for projects and communities.

Isles of Meta is aiming to be a multi-chain metaverse by the end of 2022 where people with Eth, Poly, Sol, ADA, and other crypto-backed NFTs can bring them in without having some difficulties or any problem.

The Isles is a beach side college town, where everyone owns their own island to do what they wish with. Whether you are a game creator wanting to create a world, an architect wanting to show off your abilities, a live performer wanting to engage with your fans on another level, or someone who wants to get away for a little bit with your own peace and quiet… the isles has something for everyone!

  • To enter contest: Design your own avatar. It can be hand drawn, computer generated, 2D, 3D artwork, e.t.c. One entry per person.
  • 5 finalists will be selected by the Isles of Meta staff and the community will vote on the Grand Prize winner!
  • Grand Prize: winners will receive their custom designed avatar from the Isles of Meta development team. Avatar will be completely metaverse-ready!
  • Artwork must be your own, created and generated by yourself, original art, and must not infringe on any copyright or intellectual property laws.
  • Entries will be collected now until July 5th, 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time

Submit your avatar in isles of meta discord server via

Follow isles of meta Twitter account @IslesofMeta

Visit there website:

NFT Vendor is a NFT & web3 project designed to create awareness on NFT & web3 spaces. NFT Vendor is aiming to be the first VENDOR on NFT & web3 space. NFT Vendor was formed by the creator’s passion to educate people, create awareness and to promote legitimate NFT, Crypto and web3 projects, and enlighten the general public about NFT & web3 and provide community services.

The project was inspired by the lack of awareness on web3 space. The creator has put it on himself to make sure he creates enough awareness of this space. There are lots of Great projects out there that are not getting enough attention due to lack of awareness and information, so many people don’t really know of them.

Some project creators with great projects makes wrong moves and the government imposed heavy tax fees on those that have their project on web2, which makes it difficult for these artists to generate enough funds to run their projects.NFT Vendor wants to free these artists from the centralization of web2 and the government by teaching them the decentralization of web3.

The creator of this project believes that every creator deserves the right to own his/her creation without being deprived of their right. They want to guide creative minds on how to benefit from their creativity. That’s why the creator is aiming to purchase an island In metaverse that will help create enough awareness about these people.

NFT Vendor is hoping to launch its first project sometime this July to help generate funds that will enable him to purchase this islands in metaverse. This island will feature an exhibition gallery, billboards, library & shill room which will give access to their holders to help create awareness on their projects and educate the general public.

NFT Vendor is currently publishing articles on NFT & web3 projects for free without taking any money. They are working on promoting projects, educating the Community as well as building a solid community for their project.

NFT Vendor is currently accepting offers to publish articles on your project for free, but you have to be sure your project does not lack transparency in order not to mislead people as they are also aiming to fight fake projects & expose scammers among NFT & web3 space.

Like I said earlier we are open to write and publish articles on your project for free, we are not asking you for money to publish articles on your project. I want everyone to have a taste of this benefit and to prepare for more benefits when we launch. I will disclose the launch date when we are satisfied with the progress of the brand.

Our website and smart contract will be ready soon. So follow the creator’s page on medium & subscribe to the newsletter totally for free so you won’t miss when they publish any articles.

Twitter account:

Instagram account: @cryptobaldboinft

Facebook page


Discord server:



We are building a platform where users discover latest and legit NFT projects. Our platform will provide opportunity for publishers to get their voice heard.

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We are building a platform where users discover latest and legit NFT projects. Our platform will provide opportunity for publishers to get their voice heard.